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reset_timestep command


reset_timestep N 


reset_timestep 0
reset_timestep 4000000 


Set the timestep counter to the specified value. This command normally comes after the timestep has been set by reading a restart file via the read_restart command, or a previous simulation advanced the timestep.

The create_box command sets the timestep to 0; the read_restart command sets the timestep to the value it had when the restart file was written.

Restrictions: none

This command cannot be used when any fixes are defined that keep track of elapsed time to perform certain kinds of time-dependent operations. Examples are the fix ave/time, fix ave/grid, and fix ave/surf commands. Thus these fixes should be specified after the timestep has been reset.

Resetting the timestep clears flags for computes that may have calculated some quantity from a previous run. This means these quantity cannot be accessed by a variable in between runs until a new run is performed. See the variable command for more details.

Related commands: none

Default: none