Other Codes and Tools

This page gives pointers to other DSMC codes, as well as various software tools which can be useful in conjunction with SPARTA.

We are happy to "advertise" other codes and tools here. Send the authors an email if you want to add your software to the list.

Other DSMC codes

These are other general-purpose DSMC codes we are aware of, which may be well-suited to the problems you want to model. Most of them are not available for direct download, but you can contact the authors for more information. This Wikipedia DSMC page has some additional information on these codes and the groups who sponsor them.

DS1V,DS2V,DS3V original DSMC codes by Graeme Bird
DAC from Jay LeBeau's group at NASA
MGDS from Tom Schwartzentruber's group at U Minnesota
dsmcFoam an implementation of DSMC within the OpenFoam CFD package
Monaco from Iain Boyd's group at U Michigan
SMILE from the Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in Russia
PI-DSMC parallel version of DS2V and DS3V by Martin Rose of the PI-DSMC company

Of these codes, SPARTA is most similar to DAC and MGDS in the way it uses hierarchical Cartesian grids and embeds triangulated surfaces into the grid, resulting in cut and split grid cells.

These are high-quality visualization packages we have used for particle simulations and can recommend.

TecPlot can work with grid and surface element data based on SPARTA output. VMD and AtomEye are particle visualizers widely used for molecular dynamics data. SPARTA writes out its particle dump files in formats compatible with these programs, or which can be converted via auxiliary tools to the needed format.

We are also currently working on enabling SPARTA output of particles, grid, and surface element data to be visualized by ParaView.

Our group has also written and released a toolkit called which provides some tools for doing SPARTA pre- and post-processing, and which includes a simple OpenGL-based visualization tool called gl. is written in Python, and is available for download from this page. It also includes tools that convert SPARTA particle dumps into input formats readable by VMD and AtomEye.