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species_modify command


species_modify ID property value ... 


species_modify Fe mu 2.0 Cr mu 3.0 


Set additional properties of one or more species used in a simulation. This can be used as many times as desired for different species and properties. Currently it only supports setting of a single optional property (the magnetic moment) which is not included in the species files read in by the species command.

Each ID is a character string used to identify a species, such as N or O2 or NO or D or Fe-. See the species command for how species are added to a simulation model by reading their properties from a species file.

The only property currently recognized is mu or the scalar magnetic moment of each particle of the species. The value for the mu property should be specified in the units described on the units doc page.

Restrictions: none

Related commands: none


No magnetic moments are defined for any species (all 0.0).