Modeling of Rarefied Hypersonic Flows using the Massively Parallel DSMC Kernel SPARTA

A. Klothakis and I. K. Nikolos, 8th GRACM International Congress on Computational Mechanics, Volos, Greece, July 2015.

This paper describes the application of a Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) computational kernel, called SPARTA (Stochastic Parallel Rarefied-gas Time-accurate Analyzer) 1 to the capture of shock waves in rarefied hypersonic flows. Three cases are considered: a hypersonic flat plate simulation, a Mach 15.6 flow over a flared cylinder and a Mach 20.2 flow over a 70-degree planetary probe. For all three cases a comparison between experimental and numerical results is presented, to assess the ability of the code to effectively and efficiently simulate such demanding flows.

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